Panamin Fulvic Max is an innovative mixture of finely ground volcanic rocks, organic fulvic and humic extracts with no analogue in the world. The basis of each product of the Panamin series is micronized mixtures of various volcanic rocks – Calcite, Zeolite, Dolomite, and others.

Through the fine disintegration of the particles down to the micron level, their 100% absorption by the plants is ensured, which allows them to have a long and systemic effect. Particle sizes in this volcanic mix range from 0.1 to 6 microns, compared to foliar stomata ranging from 20 to 30 microns.


How do volcanic rocks help plants?


They are rich in carbonates, the main part of which is naturally bound carbon dioxide formed over millions of years. When it penetrates plants, it accumulates in a reserve at the cellular level and contributes to maximum photosynthesis, regardless of stress factors, for more than 20 days after treatment. We all know that in hot and dry periods it drops to minimum levels during the day, which visibly reflects on the leaves. The supply of naturally bound carbon dioxide ensures extended and accelerated photosynthesis even on the hottest days of the growing season. It also increases glucose synthesis and thickens internal juices, resulting in severe frost and frostbite tolerance. An additional reaction is the regulation of the stomata, as they remain maximally closed, ensuring reduced evaporation of moisture and, respectively, serious tolerance to drought.

These natural carbonates are rich in calcium and magnesium. Calcium strengthens the cell wall, providing the plants with strength, elasticity, and an extended storage period, and in the presence of more moisture, it prevents the fruits from cracking. Magnesium is responsible for the production of chlorophyll and further aids photosynthesis.

The other main ingredient that comes from Zeolite is silicon dioxide. It acts as a transporter of nutrients from the root to the leaves, hardens their upper layer and thickens the trichomes (fine cilia on the surface) on them. In addition, its strong antiseptic effect, which is why it is used in human medicine, increases the plant’s tolerance not only to abiotic, but also to biotic stress, playing a deterrent role and making attacks by pests and enemies extremely difficult.

The innovative combination of all these qualities turns Panamin into a protector of the yield potential. We all know that a crop that develops in optimal climatic and soil conditions can give maximum yields and quality of production, without the use of many expensive fertilizers and plant protection. Unfortunately, in our recent history such perfect conditions are increasingly rare. Any stress factors such as: infertile, acid, or alkaline soil, low level of moisture, lack of snow in winter, frost, frostbite, high spring amplitudes and severe droughts little by little take away from the yield potential of the crops and finally the results are unsatisfactory.


Function and Action of Panamin


The function and action of the volcanic rocks we have listed are further enhanced with carbon-rich fulvic and humic extracts. They are extracted from the natural raw material young Leonhardite – decayed vegetation more than 100,000 years old.

The innovative extraction method allows, through potassium extraction, to achieve a higher concentration of fulvic than humic acids, unlike most products on the market. It is a well-known fact that humic acids are usually soil-applied since they have a large and heavy molecule and are difficult to absorb through the leaves. But on the other hand, they are extremely useful in the soil. However, fulvic acids, as a subdivision of humic acids, have the same qualities, but unlike them, they have a small and 100% water-soluble molecule that can be absorbed through the leaves. The high content of humic and fulvic acids in the product ensures the maximum development of their potential during foliar and soil application.

Main characteristics of these extracts are:

  • Unblocking unavailable nutrients in the soil.
  • Reproduction of soil microorganisms.
  • Decomposition of plant residues, returning plant available NPK back to the soil.
  • Moisture absorption for a minimum of 20 days.
  • Increasing the protein index and mineralized NPK.
  • Restoration of soil fertility.

Panatechnology products with a high content of fulvic and humic extracts are recommended for soil application in poor and acidic soils and reduced fertilization rates. The content of carbonates and silicon from the volcanic rocks and potassium fulvate further optimize the pH level of the soil, block heavy metals in it and allow maximum absorption of nutrients. At this stage, the world lacks such organo-mineral mixes that provide maximum yield potential for plants in the presence of unfavourable climatic and soil conditions and compensate for the reduced rates of fertilization in poor in composition soils.

Panamin Fulvic Max offers agricultural producers a reduced production cost with increased harvest quality and quantity, even with the increasingly severe climate changes of recent years.