Remineralising foliar fertilizer from Austrian natural minerals
◉ Special formulation ( Easily plant - available nutrients ) ◉No resistance formation
◉ No burns on the leaf ◉Chlorophyll production and sunlight absorption are increased
◉ Reducing the temperature in the plant - Leaf opening remains closed longer, natural barrier for fungal spores
◉ Uncomplicated application (no protective equipment necessary, easy to keep in suspension)
◉ No residues in the fruit ◉ Very high reduction of chemical or biological pesticides (stress mitigation)
◉ No additional foliar fertilizer necessary ◉High dry matter (much less rot)

What is PANAMIN®?

“A natural foliar application – which can do astounding things!”

Registered for ecological agriculture according to the EC regulation no. 834/2007 and 889/2008

PANAMIN® is a natural, micronized mixture of minerals (Feldspar, Clay, Bentonite, Silicate) with a great variety of complex nutrients (Calcium, Magnesium, Silicium + traces of Iron, Phosphate und Potassium, Copper, Manganese and Zinc) for the plant. Each mineral has its special feature for the plant.

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Impact on the soil

The mist formed when spraying reaches the soil naturally and due to this fact when talking about PANAMIN we can also talk about the soil fertilizer applied as foliar fertilizer. A prerequisite for this, however, is the existing fine grinding. Because: FINE GRINDING PRODUCES EFFECT ON SOLUBILITY! Fine grinding is the most important criterion of quality. The quality of the limestone is good only when stirring it between our fingers we feel it as powder.

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How to apply Panamin

Quantity/ha/application: 1,5 kg with 300 l Wasser (0,5 %)

Add PANAMIN through induction bowl into the tank which is already half-filled with water, stiring device has to be permanently in use.
Use common spraying equiment (4 – 6 bar, nozzle diameter less than 0,3 mm). Clean equipement before and after application properly.
Application with other foliar fertilizers and crop protection possible. Trial in advance recommended.
Savings in fungicides up to 100 % in conventional farming possible. Only use chemical crop protection in case of emergency.
CEREALS 1. Application Further applications. When using PANAMIN in organic farming, no other products are necessary.


100 % natural product, no chemicals added


◉ Optimisation and substantial improvement of the pH-level in the soil, and hence in the plant (where the pH-level is higher PANAMIN lowers it, and where it is lower PANAMIN increases it)
Improvement of the soil by active remineralisation
◉ Improvement of the buffer system


◉ CO2 for photosynthesis, intense green colour of the leaves

◉ Ideal conditions for solubility of all micro and macro elements

◉ Increase of the chlorophyll content

◉ Visible increased foliage

◉ Effect on the Calvin- Cycle and the turgor


◉ Deep and faster growth through photosynthesis enhanced with PANAMIN
◉ Exceptional improvement in the length of the roots and the root system as an effect of the action of soil
◉ Significantly improved resistance to drought stress (less evaporation) and frost (greater content of glucose)
◉ Less affectation by pests through strengthening the immune system and diseases caused by fungi (fake and real mildew, etc.)
◉ Significant increase of yields with simultaneous increase of the quality on the basis of fundamental biological laws


◉ Most usual application with common and familiar spraying equipment 2-9 times (optimal 1.5 kg with 300 l of water for one application) of an interval of 7-14 days during the growing season, starting from the stage of 3-6 leaves
◉ No need for protective measures (protective clothing, etc.)
◉ No danger of wrong application, resp. overdose. The leaves cannot burn
◉ Suitable for any culture (exception: crops which prefer “acidic” environments)


◉ Assured harvest gains despite the noticeable climate change

◉ More profits while saving resources for plant protection and fertilizers up to 100%

◉ Quality improvement that shall attract the attention of your customers.


◉ Exceptionally large yields

◉ Highly extended time of storage

◉ More homogeneous formation of the fruits

◉ Improved flavour through higher BRIX value

◉ Generally better quality (content of starch, protein, lower humidity, etc.)

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